This Week @ Loup : June 1, 2018

Loup is still a very young venture but we deeply believe that working open boosts uptake and impact. Organizations are more effective and make a bigger difference in the world when we’re more open. When we share what we’re learning, we increase our impact, make it easier for others to help, and tap good ideas that come from anywhere.

But it is hard and it takes discipline and capacity to do well. We will be sharing more over the coming weeks about how we plan to work open and explore what these practices mean for Loup. One way we want to start is by getting in the habit of publishing some of our wins, struggles, and what’s feeding our brain — on a weekly basis. So here is our maiden voyage!


Struggle: It’s a constant struggle to prioritize tasks at work and at home, especially after taking a few days off regular work to attend a conference. The struggle manifests as anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, and I end up feeling guilty when I take time off.

Win: e180 invited me to attend their Collaborative Retreat in Montreal, followed by the C2 conference. They promised that the retreat would help unlock challenges in creating transformative learning experiences — for ourselves as well as our clients. And wow, did they ever deliver. The resulting four days helped me to gain confidence and start thinking about what Loup does as fitting into three main areas. Three “L”s — (1) *listening* — using deep listening and qualitative / narrative research techniques to better understand people’s realities while providing a conversational experience that honors and elevates, (2) *labs*, where we come together to act on what we’ve heard — finding patterns and insights, generating ideas, and planning / designing, and (3) *learning*, again using deep listening — along with agile facilitation and reflective techniques — to help teams identify key moments and lessons that advance their work and practices. How we understand and describe these is sure to evolve, but feels like a big jump forward.

What’s Feeding My Brain: I was fascinated by @Leah_Sottile’s Bundyville podcast series that digs into the backstory of the Bundy family. It’s disturbing and illuminating. I also want to listen to and better understand people who are different from me.


Struggle: Rainy weather clouding mood and motivation.

Win: Intern job posting! Want to be our intern?

What’s Feeding My Brain: “I feel the need for strange networks of care: unusual, compelling networks that don’t attempt to fix anyone but make healing and self-understanding an adventure and help individuals back into the simple joys of communion and creativity.” — Kate G in a piece she wrote


Win: Seeing others get on the bandwagon (in a good way) / recognize the power of listening

Struggle: Making it easy for people to do their first “retrospective” as a reflective learning practice (without tech pains & confusing blah blah)

What’s Feeding My Brain: See my win!


Struggle: Setting up time and energy to be able to engage creative work with the time and intensity it deserves. I know that creative content production is a key to Loup’s success and I am not committing time to it.

Win: Loup has really been moving fast to document and iterate on how we represent our work, offerings and process. I feel real commitment from my colleagues on getting these foundational pieces in places so we can grow and take on creative projects and clients.

What’s Feeding My Brain: The Podcaster’s Support Group Facebook group is a never ending source of community, inspiration, learning and sharing for me. It one of my all time favorite online communities.