This Week @ Loup: June 8, 2018

Okay, so this is a little late we admit. But we are committed to this process. So this week we present last week’s wins, struggles, and what’s feeding our brain.


Struggle & Success: I published my very first blog post — and it was both a struggle and a success. I’m a procrastinator and perfectionist and this often makes writing hard for me. Even as I write this, I type something out only to completely delete it because it doesn’t sound right, or I’m unsure of where that comma should go, or because you, the reader, might not like it. But as I sit here writing my reflection for the week, I’m doing a little shoulder-wiggle happy dance — because I did it. I made the decision and sat down, spit it out, and threw it up on the web for everyone to read.

What’s Feeding My Brain: The article Let Me Tell You a Story! Storytelling to Enhance Urban Planning Engagement by James Rojas from the website Planetizen. I appreciate this piece because it speaks to why I’d like to use StoryEngine in community planning. I’m looking forward to exploring this use case int he coming months as part of Loup’s objectives and goals.


Win: Created a new “Agile for Humans” half-day training module. (More coming on that soon!)

Struggle: Tech and cultural hurdles for running great team retrospectives online. how do we make everything simpler and more human?

What’s Feeding My Brain: Philanthropy’s Reflective Practices (a free PDF) Exercises to use in expanding your own repertoire via IREX’s Joy Amulya


Win: Cultivating creative relationships with colleagues that provide ways to unblock myself. Working with Christine to think through client work that I have been connected with for almost a 10 years has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The clarity and purpose she brings is making me think in different ways and has helped me out of some emotional/intellectual garden mazes I have found myself in. You can see some of the results in our landing page for our Hive NYC/Partnership for After School work.

Struggle: Limping along with a sub-optimal computer. We take for granted the optimized and working properly tools we use every day. When something goes haywire in the system it has a damaging effect on effectiveness and creative output.

What’s Feeding My Brain: While touring Outlaws & Armadillos: Country’s Roaring 70’s, the excellent new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame, I thought a lot about the power of mixing established folkways and traditions with rebellious curiosity and irreverence to advance culture. The exhibit also did a wonderful job at showing when diversity is embraced we take unexpected journeys and open up pathways for others to follow.


Win: I conducted the first five interviews as part of a pilot Loup is conducting with IREX’s Center of Applied Learning and Impact. We’re testing out using StoryEngine to document insights around how staff are learning at IREX. this is a multi-level win: I’m having conversations with thoughtful practitioners, I’m getting to kick the tires and fine-tune our approach, and I’m also learning a ton as others tell me about their successes, challenges, and reflective practices. Each interview is such a gift.

Struggle: I’m struggling with balancing delivering awesome client work and thinking / writing more about Loup’s why, what, and how.

What’s Feeding My Brain: We’re just now launching a project with PASE to celebrate and document 10 years of Hive NYC Learning Network achievements. In part, this will tap StoryEngine interviews we already conducted (leveraging existing work FTW!) for Mozilla. So… I’ve been digging a lot into Hive history and came across this lovely interview between Ariam Mogos (who I love) and Hatim Mohamed: The Art of Facilitation: Inspiration, Challenges, and Learnings. Their discussion inspires me because it exemplifies the reflection, sensitivity, and empathy that I hope will be the ripple effect of our work.