10 things I saw from Raptors-Blazers (14/7/2017; LVSL)

  1. It’s all over: The playoffs are just as rough for the Raptors in Summer League. The Raptors were the №1 seed and lost to a №16 seeded Portland team with very limited NBA talent. Why did they lose? See points two and three.
  2. No show: Pascal Siakam laid a massive egg. This was especially disappointing since he lit up the qualifying rounds. He was held scoreless until the last three minutes of the game, and he didn’t have much on defense save for two possessions late in the fourth. Siakam looked a step slow at night, which is really unusual for someone who is typically very smooth.
  3. Trash supporting cast: All these randoms making mistakes just hurts my soul. Will Sheehey got blocked non stop. Kennedy Meeks playing up to his last name. Some random dude named Cole Huff bricking wide open threes. It’s just annoying to watch such incompetence. The bench shot a collective 1–16 from deep.
  4. Sheehey had a wide open three to tie the game with 35 seconds left. Brick. Great.
  5. Area of improvement: Siakam needs to either consistently make threes, or he needs a change of pace element to his drives. The Blazers just sat back against him, and Siakam would just get stuck on his straight dribble drives.
  6. Gotta feel for … Fred VanVleet, who did his very best to carry his sluggish teammates with a heroic performance. He got to the rim at will, competed in the paint, dug in against bigger post players, and created lots of open looks that his teammates whiffed on. FVV was the best player for the Raptors in LVSL.
  7. Young vet: Jakob Poeltl is starting to learn the dark art of setting illegal screens and getting away with it. He’s very subtly moving early, turning his hips into the defender, then sending him away from the ball as he rolls towards the basket. He’s creating lots of open space for his guard in the process.
  8. Jamario Moon 2.0: Alfonzo McKinnie made a putback dunk for the fourth-straight game. FVV missed layup, McKinnie comes in from the left side for a strong finish. On the next play he records a help block, which sparked a 3-point play in transition.
  9. We get it, he’s white: Rip Hamilton reminded the audience like 25 times that Jack Layman is athletic. Like even after threes, Rip was out here saying it was athletic.
  10. Not gonna lie, I’m kinda cheesed at the Raptors shitting the bed in the playoffs yet again. Fire Casey should solve it, yeah?