Finding a home for your Start-up

So to find a house for Dekkoh, our young start-up, we engaged the services of a real estate agent called Ranga (anyone who wants his number, inbox The following the standard conversation that plays out with Ranga and his ilk:

Ranga: Bachelors-aah?

Me: Yes, we’re both bachelors.

Ranga: Native?

I tried going with Indian, but that didn’t work. So Mallu, & Chom.

Ranga: Meat-aah?

WhaaaT? Yes, we both have meat. And yes, we occasionally eat meat.

Ranga: Jaob?

well, uh… no point in saying entrepreneur or start-up. So I said business.

Ranga: Okay okay, budget?

Me: Low budget, boss. About 20k

Ranga gives me a look of pity.

That’s how the average the conversation with a broker plays out when you’re looking for a start-up place to house 4 developers and yourself. And so after having given him a brief overview of our DNA, we began to traverse Bengaluru looking at houses with Ranga:

House 1: the owners lived downstairs. BIG NO.

House 2: Had a toilet so tiny that the shower, basin and pot were all in one straight line. Almost. Depressing place.

House 3: Our next-door neighbour offered to clean our place for 1100/month. She also asked if her aged father could sleep in our hall at night, as he usually slept in the corridor but it was getting colder and so… Did I mention how depressing this place was?

House 4: Best of the lot, with no owners nor friendly neighbours, but the living room was completely covered in granite. I’m talking floor, all four walls and ceiling. No windows at all, except a small exhaust fan. Hell NO!

House 5: I think Ranga owned this place. The owner of the liquor shop below called him Ranganna. He went to the maestri by the gate and changed his shirt with a clean white one that was just pressed. He took the key from under the mat. And the interiors — they were like kala pani, except to Ranga it seemed like home. He said he’d make a special price for us.

Houses 6 & 7 are not worth mentioning. Though one did have a cricket ball in a sock for knocking, right at the entrance.

Ok, time to ditch Ranga. We tried next, and pushed our budget from low to medium. But all the nice places were agent-promoted, and the last straw was meeting Ranga again at one of the places. Who laughed and said that we were fated to rent through him only.

So abandoning all hausträume for the moment, we started looking at shared work spaces. Cobalt seemed the most promising, and its proximity to ChurchStreet Social helped tremendously. Then, just before we finalised a package with them, we found this:

The Dekkoh Living Room

And the place is owned by this guy, an awesome entrepreneur who started this pretty great company. Ever heard of a landlord-mentor? We didn’t, until we moved in here.

So Dekkoh has a home. There are cows that moo outside all day long, and a ravenous pack of dogs that roam at night, but as our landlord-mentor says, 2bhk s in Koramangala are lucky for start-ups. Here’s to that!

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