Why Dekkoh caters solely to women

When we first launched our mobile search engine exclusively for women (see www.dekkoh.com), we didn’t think this needed any explanation. But ever since our beta release, we’ve been getting mails asking us why. So, here’s why:

  1. We want to focus on a specific, narrow target audience. There’s no way we can possibly satisfy the search needs of everyone; so instead — like all good students of strategy — we’re just focussing on one segment: women. Female mobile internet users, who form less than 10% of the overall market (albeit, undoubtedly, the best 10%). It’s about being the best possible resource for a small group rather than trying to be everything to everyone; we chose the former.
  2. Women outnumber the men on our team. And we’re a democracy. Seriously, a real democracy, unlike AAP. So it wasn’t really a difficult choice.
  3. Women need an app like this. With more than 90% of mobile internet users being male, female voices are almost always drowned out. Local chat forums are dominated by requests for ‘making fraandship’ or whatever else, and content posted by women gets lost in the melee. Imagine a local search app, which lets a girl get really useful information (particularly the kind of things that only other women would know), like which is a safe pub in a neighbourhood, or a great & affordable local boutique, or even an abortion clinic & its cost & processes; now that’s invaluable. And that’s what Dekkoh hopes to be. We want Dekkoh to truly make a difference in the lives of its users.
  4. We tested Dekkoh pretty substantially amongst all kinds of users (both genders) initially, and some of the results really put us off opening it up to everyone. For instance, we got posts such as:
  • “lookin 4 a girlfriend near to kundanahalli gate. Anybody intrested?”
  • “hai girls, who wants a free beer?”
  • “imma bored; let’s hang.”

There are hundreds of other apps that give forums to such requests, but that’s not what we imagined Dekkoh to be. We built Dekkoh to be a local-social search engine that is the sum of local knowledge in a city — and for this Dekkoh will be have to be exclusive. We’re not saying that restricting it to women will solve this problem, but we’ll have a smaller community that throws up more relevant, useful information, and is far easier to regulate.

5. We’ve been a few weeks into testing now, and we’re already in love with the community that’s being built. Women from all over the country have rallied around to help each other; local girls supporting solo travellers, college students helping migrant professionals in their neighbourhood, designers providing dressing tips to job interviewees etc. And so there’s no going back.

Dekkoh is a Neighbourhood Search Engine. For Women.

— — — —

Dekkoh is a neighbourhood search engine- it let’s you find anything you want in your city, leveraging the power of community knowledge. By just downloading our Mobile App, you get access to awesome local information from people around you. Oh, and it’s exclusively for women! Do try out our Android app on the playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dekkoh (iOS on its way).