Faith Takes You Deeper Into The Divine

Most people live life as though the physical reality is all there is.

We know better

We feel that deep craving in our souls for the unseen MORE

We want to draw so close to the Divine that there is no separation between us

We know that every good thing is created from that divine connection within

We long to hear the words that the Divine speaks to us

We want to live completely in that connection

And FAITH is the bridge

This is not some religious tick-box exercise

No, if anything, religion gets in the way of what we deeply crave

We want no barriers, no silly man-made rules, no rigid dogma

None of that can describe the exhilaration of intimacy with the Divine

FAITH enables you to surrender to that calling deep within your heart

FAITH gives you the trust to surrender to the creation of our free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life, particularly when the physical reality feels so real, so hard, so unchanging, so ‘in your face’ with its struggle, sacrifice and suffering

FAITH enables you to live differently from those around you who think you are a bit crazy for believing what you do about the unseen realm

FAITH is also the bridge between what you see within you (your vision) and the physical manifestation of your every desire

For it is as you open up completely to Divine love AND ALSO allow yourself to prosper, then all things become possible for you

Remember, with FAITH, there is nothing you cannot do.

Oh honey, why would you delay?

Come to FAITH — The 3 hour live online workshop that teaches your The Clear & Simple System To Build Powerful, Unrelenting Faith That Opens You Up To Prosperity In All Areas Of Life & Creates Predictable Miracles In Your Physical Reality.

Learn a simple system to dive deeply into greater intimacy with the Divine

Learn a simple system to materialise the prosperity you see within you

And in the process of all this, live the life you have always dreamt of living.

Bring your dreams & deepest heart-longings into reality with FAITH.

We go live in a few days — Pop over to Details will be delivered via email as soon as you purchase your spot and about 20 minutes before we go live.

Much Amazing Love



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Rosemary Nonny Knight

Rosemary Nonny Knight


Create A Free, Fulfilled, Financially-abundant, Love-drenched Life With The TRUE WEALTH Book Collection —