I Knew I Needed To Focus On The Good

I KNEW that my mind needed to be placed on what I wanted.
And yet, my mind kept being dragged back to what I did not want.
This was pre-children — I was in a HEAVY amount of debt, I was waking up early each morning, worrying, crying silently next to my hubby, wondering how I was in such a mess, wondering how I could bring my first child into this craziness (I was pregnant), wondering where God was in all this but too scared to ask that question in case things got worse.
My mind was a mess.
And then I would get up, try and do a quiet time with the Divine, avoiding the real issues except to send another begging, pleading prayer to the heavens with no faith that anything would really work and then off to work as a pharmacist with a massive grin on my face as though nothing was wrong.
No one knew just how stressed I was.
I would be at church smiling and doing all the things.
No one knew just how scattered my mind was.
I could not focus on what I wanted. I knew that I needed to have faith but with hindsight, I see now that I had not practised building my ability to hold the faith and so, in times of crisis, I reverted back to scattered crazy mind.
Do you do that?
Do you realise that something needs to change, if you are to get your business off the ground and working in the way you want it too?
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Much Amazing Love




Thoughts For Spirit-Driven Souls Determined To Positively Impact Humans While Living To Their TRUE DESIGN & Creating A Free, Fulfilled, Financially Abundant & Love-Drenched Life

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Rosemary Nonny Knight

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