Some Days, You Can’t Escape The Darkness

Some days, I feel high

A lot of days, I feel low

I hate the low days…

It feels like pushing through mud trying to get anything done but I do it anyway because I promised myself I would

I probably do less work and do more crying/writing in my journal/seeking to connect with the Divine to understand why I feel this way but then again, I have learnt not to keep looking for lessons…

You will always find what you are looking for and maybe even a lot more than you need to find…

I refuse to be one of those spiritual people who are always healing, healing, healing without doing anything practical…

Yes, healing, cleaning, clearing, mindset work, whatever name you call it, is important but…

There is always something to heal…

So what?

We live on this planet with all its conditioning and nonsense, there is always something to clean and clear but if that is all you are doing, well…

That is all you are doing

Visions do not get built that way, I have found

What I see then happen is that these people obsessed with healing, then settle for less, telling themselves some story of their vision not being the right thing for them — THEIR OWN DREAMS ARE NOT RIGHT FOR THEM?! really?!

What utter nonsense — They just could not hold the tension for their vision… They sought resolution way too fast. Hey ho, to each their own.

I refuse to be one of those people…

I choose to stay the course, whether I feel up or down…

Whether I wonder if I am crazy or not…

Whether I wonder if anyone cares or not…

On the up days

On the down days

I simply show up

And take ground

Little by little

Step by step

I keep moving forward

Vision in mind

Ever simplifying my life and cutting out anything and anyone that takes me off-course

Noticing my flaws, quickly doing what I can to clear them but then moving forward…

Obsessed by my vision of 334000 action-oriented spiritual people worldwide, living to their true design, financially abundant, changing lives, making a difference in their own unique way

Obsessed by the great life I build for my family and I — one of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and love

I just keep moving forward

Where are you, love?

Are you distracted by your low feelings?

Are you trying to fix everything before moving forward?

That could cost you your life, you know?

It is time to get very deliberate about the life you desire, or else it will never happen

Being called is not enough

You actually need to DO THE WORK to bring the calling/vision to life


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Much Amazing Love



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Rosemary Nonny Knight

Rosemary Nonny Knight


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