Words Are Cheap — This Is YOUR Quest & Right Now, You Are CHOOSING To Fail At It

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You know you are meant for more

The problem is, you thought THE MORE would be handed to you on a platter

You thought it would just happen because you were alive

You thought life would quieten down and you would see each step and be able to easily walk up to the door of your promised land and be welcomed like royalty, having done nothing more than be alive

And so, though you affirm loudly and tell yourself that you ARE meant for more, you keep waiting to be GIVEN the more

You forget that you need to CLAIM IT!

You forget that CLAIMING IT can seem crazy hard when you are in the middle of a regular life that is filled with lots of noise, nonsense and drama

I say this often but I do not think you fully realise this — THIS IS A FAITH WALK

And faith is a fierce form of energy

Faith is a focused form of energy that DEMANDS all that it desires regardless of what the physical reality looks like

And not only does it demand, FAITH also ACTS towards all that it desires, even when it looks like it will lead to the doom of the person who has this kind of faith.

Ultimately, it is a simple choice

Act based on the noise, nonsense and drama of your life — past and present


Act based on your focus on the Divine and your Desires

This journey we are on as Deliberate Millionaires is just like a quest and a quest GROWS you in ways that normal life cannot

The path on your quest will seem murky if you keep trying to make sense of it by looking at the physical and by using your past experience

You cannot create the life you want that way

You are meant for more than you have ever physically experienced so why the heck do you think that your past experience is going to be able to help you get it

And so there you are, with all your whining and complaining about having no spare money to use on your quest, no support on your quest, no time to even be on your quest and blah, blah, blah but you do not see that it is in these EXACT moments, that you HAVE TO CHOOSE to go in the direction of your vision


THAT IS THE ADVENTURE that you have been looking for.

To ACT in the direction of your vision EVEN When it seems STUPID!

And now that you are being asked to actually put your action behind your words, you are chickening the heck out and acting like a regular person who just lies down and takes whatever nonsense life throws at them.

There you are, ROYALTY acting like a wimp and a slave

Disregarding the voice of the Divine within you

Telling yourself that you have no choice


WHO & WHAT have you decided to betray yourself for?

WHO & WHAT have you decided to sell your birthright to?

And you might try to pretend to yourself that you are waiting for the Divine to tell you what to do next…


Yep, I call you out, my love.

You are lying to yourself — you do KNOW the next step, you are wimping out from doing it with all your sensible-sounding reasons.

It would be better to simply admit that you are scared

It would be better to simply admit you are wimping out

Then we can do something about that by rebuilding your unshakeable self-confidence or handling whatever money fears are coming up

But when you, point-blank, LIE to yourself and anyone that will listen then you remain stuck as a wimp and a slave when you are actually royalty who OWNS the kingdom that you are SUPPOSED TO BE questing for.

Words are cheap, my love

Yes, we ALL KNOW you are meant for more

But will you claim it?

Now that is the true question

Will you ACTUALLY Fight for and CREATE the life that you want?

Will you live a life that is aligned to your purpose?

Will you create a GREAT INCOME in a life that is aligned to your true design purpose?

Or will you just lie there, waiting, waiting, waiting for someone, something that YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR POWER AWAY TO, to come save you?

Well, honey, while you tell yourself that you are just being a faithful lover of the Divine and waiting for Him to come help, The Divine WAITS ON YOU to wake up and get serious about what you claim to want.

The Divine partners with you whether you choose to remain a wimp and slave


Whether you choose to get on your true quest.

YOU HAVE FREE WILL and that comes with a weighty responsibility — NO ONE, not even the Divine, can choose for you.

YOU are the one choosing, not your circumstances, not the people who want all your attention — YOU!

YOU feel the intuitive nudge within you when you see your next QUEST step

And YOU CHOOSE whether to tell yourself some lame-ass sad story of no money, no time, no support, no energy, no know-how, no way Jose!


“I AM WILLING” and move your awesome butt even when you truly don’t quite know how it will all play out, even when it seems like the craziest thing to do…

And no, it does not end there…

You have to keep making the choice to remain on the quest, time and time and TIME AGAIN

Some days, it will feel easier because your character has undergone so much change that things that used to scare you no longer do

Some days, it will feel like a new frontier and you will want to run back to supposed ‘safety’

At some point, you will just not be able to imagine going back to the wimpy slave life ever again so then you will feel almost trapped with no choice but to go forward! — a great place to be, I say!!! Miracles happen when you take these steps forward

And yes, if you are sitting on the fence right now reading this, the quest will seem like a fool’s proposition

You will wonder to yourself why you would ever put yourself through the quest

And I guess, you are just not hungry enough and you have not quite caught the vision of the end goal

You have been lulled into a false sense of security in a life that feels permanently painful but it is a pain you have learnt to live with and so, like the wimp/slave you are, you would rather stay put than go for your own inheritance

If that is you, you have probably already given up reading by now — Ha ha!

So if you are still here reading this, then I KNOW you are no wimp and no slave but you may have been doubting yourself a little

Well, enough!

It is time to recommit to the quest.

This is your next step — The 6 Figure Income Book Collection at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/6figurebooks

2 Books For $2


Much Amazing Love



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