You Are Your Own Worst Critic

Honey, you criticise yourself SOOOOOOO much.

And you take what your inner critic says as gospel truth.

You have stopped questioning whether the lies you are living to, are truth.

You just accept it.

Please stop.

I know it may not seem as simple as just stopping but that has to be step 1.

Say that to yourself — “I will stop criticising myself”

And affirm instead — “I will start backing myself up. I will be my own inner champion, I will make my inner world a safe place for me”

And really mean it.

Then start paying attention…

NOTICE when you are talking yourself down.

Ask yourself “Is this helping me or hindering me?”

Now, bear in mind that the inner critic is so cunning that you will probably convince yourself that all that beating down you give yourself, is essential for your own inner growth.

It is a lie.

Has self-criticism & self-judgment actually worked to make you do better in the long term?

Are you not still facing the same issues as you were this time last year? Different faces, same issues.

Are you still not indulging the same behaviours as you were last year, DESPITE all your inner judgments and criticism?


You cannot punish your way to a better life experience.

If the journey ain’t cool, the end goal AIN’T gonna be all that cool either.

Come on now, honey.

It is time to wise up to your inner critic.

Stop taking it as gospel truth.

It is eating away your confidence

It is convincing you to settle for a small life

It is demeaning your whole life experience.


But you will never allow yourself to do that while you continually listen and TRUST that critical voice within you.

It really is imperative that you notice and love that part of you back to wholeness, or else you will forever be at the mercy of this critical voice that does not think it possible that you can live in your prosperous TRUE DESIGN

Let the DM Path to Peace & Plenty support you in shifting this part of your life.

Start by reading my book — The Deliberate Millionaire’s CONFIDENCE Book — You can get a copy at

It contains strategies to neutralize the inner critic

It contains strategies to support you in NOTICING when the inner critic is at work

It will also give you your next step to go deeper into the work of returning to your TRUE DESIGN self.

There is so much more available to you but the inner critic within has clouded your judgment so much that you cannot even see it anymore.

AWAKEN, my love. You deserve and are capable of so much more.

Get on path now at

There is no more time to keep living the wrong life for you.

Much Amazing Love




Thoughts For Spirit-Driven Souls Determined To Positively Impact Humans While Living To Their TRUE DESIGN & Creating A Free, Fulfilled, Financially Abundant & Love-Drenched Life

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