You Cannot Think Your Way Out Of This Mess

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You are looking in the wrong place for the answers to why you are not the success you had thought you would be by now. You KNOW you are capable of so much more than you have achieved to date. You know you should be earning more than you currently are. You KNOW that the mess that you have overcome was not for nothing…

And yet, here you are… floundering and freaking OVERTHINKING.

YOu keep going over and over and OVER everything in your mind, trying to make sense of it, trying to free yourself from it, trying to take next steps while allowing your mind to go here, there and everywhere.

It ain’t working but you keep doing it.

You have dabbled at things and nothing quite worked and so you end up back doing what you have always done which has also never worked but you just do not know what else to do and it seems safe…

You have given your life to serve other people’s visions and still, you are not living your own

No one has given you a platform to start doing your own thing, despite all the giving you have done to help them

Every day you wake up and have to go through the same old, same old dreary day, doing the same boring stuff with the same annoying people — yes, I know some of these people you love but still… you are bored, disappointed and beginning to lose hope that life will get any better

And there is ALL THIS PRESSURE to keep showing up, keep being responsible, keep KEEPING ON!

And you do.

Yes, I also know that you like to put a brave face on it and you HATE to get all negative and so you try VERY hard to put on a positive facade and say all the right positive words and pray the right positive prayers, affirm in the exact right way while wondering, wondering, WONDERING when it will finally start to work for you

Please, PLEASE, PLEEEEASE stop all this falseness and realise that it is NOT getting you anywhere.

If anything, it is blocking you further because you are not being truly honest about how you feel within…

The anger and resentment that you wish was not there but it is

The anger towards the Divine because He seems not to have come through for you despite you trying very hard to get EVERYTHING right

The fear that the Divine might punish you for even thinking those thoughts in the moments when you let them through

The anger with yourself for not being the person you thought you were

The pain and resentment towards all those people who betrayed and hurt you that you claim to have forgiven but you have not

There is so much JUNK pushed down within you and somehow you think that if you just slap a smile on it all and quote a few positive phrases then everything will come right

Maybe you even tell yourself that you will sort it all out when you are finally ‘THERE’ because then you will be able to afford the help or then everything will magically be okay because now you have money…

But right now, you just don’t have time to look within yourself

And so, you go looking for answers OUT THERE

Usually, all you look for is the practical strategies and tricks to solve your issues

You have so much head knowledge but NONE OF IT is working to help you heal

The answers are not OUT THERE

The answers are not in just KNOWING what you should do

the answers are not in thinking, thinking, THINKING about what to do

YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY DO the inner work

YOu ACTUALLY Need to come sit down with the Divine and work your inner crazyness out

And no, that does not mean turning and turning everything over time and time again in your own mind — THAT IS NOT ACTUALLY HANDLING ANYTHING

All the thinking you do is just another way to avoid handling your inner craziness.

And this is the thing, while you are busy ruminating and analysing and trying so hard to think your way out of your mess, the Divine cannot get to it

You are drained by this as well so any actions you do take are ineffective

And yes, I know you can read this and it can seem so frustrating especially when you look at other people who seem to be able to just get on with life without all this inner gymnastics

but well, 1. you do not actually know what is going on with anyone else

And 2 — Who cares what anyone else is doing?

This is YOUR LIFE — Do you want to live it to its fullness or not?

Yes, I agree, you do need to evolve past all the noise, nonsense, drama and craziness but you do not do that in the way that you are trying to do it. It has not worked to date and it will not work EVER!

You sit in stillness with the Divine

You sit in the tension and craziness and stop with the trying to think your way out of it — GEt into your body, feel your feelings and STAY THERE even when it gets tough to face it all.

You allow Divine love to dissolve, resolve, evolve it all

You stop making decisions from this messy place

You learn to hear the Divine again, despite the mess and the crowded mind with all the crazy voices

You act intuitively, not from past experience and all your over analysing.

All your thinking, thinking, THINKING means you keep acting in the same way based on the same stupid information and so you stay stuck.

It is connection to the Divine and acting from the Divine wisdom that will save you

NO, you do not need to be perfectly healed to hear the Divine and to achieve success

You just need to stop acting from your crazy mind

It does not know the answers!

If it did, you would already be ‘THERE’

You cannot think your way out of this mess

But you just might be able to feel your way forward if you lean on Divine wisdom that sees and knows much more than you.

Yes, it does mean that you are going to have to handle any weird feelings you have towards the Divine

And you can.

Or even refer to the Divine as YOU 10.0 if that makes it easier to sit with yourself and allow deep DEEP wisdom to come through you

Let me help you with this…

Come into Deliberate Millionaire EVOLUTION membership

I will send you daily Divine downloads and daily inner work prompts so you learn to hear the Divine for yourself and also learn to sit still and allow your feelings to come through and evolve, dissolve or resolve

We will speak weekly in the EMPOWER EXPERIENCE so I can help you see where you are tripping yourself up with all the crazy mind gymnastics that makes you think you are getting somewhere but actually it is keeping you stuck in place getting NOWHERE!

Your 6 figure+ income in a fulfilling, free, love-drenched life is created within you, not by crazy ruminating and not by acting on whatever your crazy ruminating produces as your next step.

It is created by connection to the Divine and acting on intuition.

Come back home to yourself with the EVOLUTION membership at

Much Amazing Love



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