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This is about tables turning, and I’m going to turn them one more time. The original in emojis :

There once was a ⛪ where lived 🚹🚹🚹🚹🚹 who (theoretically)dedicated their lives to 🙏🏽. One of them sees a 👩‍🌾 working in the garden, and convinces her to come to his cell for 🍆. While they are 🕺💃, the ♝hears them and 👀 it all! The young 🚹 realizing he’s been seen, tells the 👩‍🌾 to stay put and tells the ♝ he’s going out to get 🚰 or some such. The ♝ goes to the room, and as the young 🚹 figures, the ♝ proceeds to 🕺💃 with 👩‍🌾. Only instead of 🍆, it’s more like 🥕. The young 🚹 tells the ♝ he’s seen everything and he’s going to tell everyone about 🥕 and it’s going to be 😂, once word gets out. They both decided to 🤐, and proceed to happily enjoy 🕺💃, no worries.

OK, here’s what got left out… 👩‍🌾 wants to add:

In case you are wondering what I thought about it all, first, I didn’t mind, but even if I did, I didn’t have much say about it all. #mequoque . And also, I was a metaphorical beard for 🕺🕺. Just saying. Those ♝♝ liked to 🕺🕺 like 🐰🐰

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Dealing with reality on an as needed basis. Celebrating serendipity and seeking equilibrium. On a treasure hunt.