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4.8 Don’t hold your breath = good advice

Image by Nina Garman from Pixabay

Girolamo is a young man, the wealthy heir of a father who died young. He falls hard for his beautiful, and you guessed it- poor- neighbor, Salvestra. His mother is having none of it, and packs him off, to where all wealthy boy must be packed in order to forget unsuitable lovers, Paris. The original deal, for just one year, but of course he stays away for much longer.

He arrives back home to find his darling Salvestra married and completely over him. THIS is not to his liking, so he creeps into her bedroom, her connubial bedroom, mind you, hubby is snoring away there!! and begs her to take him back. She is like:

No way, dude. GROW UP. It’s over ,FINITO, Capisce? But Girolamo is a spoiled brat child of a man and will not accept her refusal. He begs her to let him lay next to her one more time, and she relents. But she won’t do more. Whereupon…

he holds his breath until he frigging DIES!!! Right there.

Salvestra is no dope. She figures best to clue her husband in. He takes stock of the situation, then carries the dead Girolamo back to his own house and lays him at the front door.

Upon the discovery of the body, it is eminently clear to all the Girolamo died of grief, because apparently in medieval Florence, that makes perfect sense. It’s a thing one does. At the funeral, which is attended by all, Salvestra is encouraged by her husband to go close to the body and keep an ear out for gossip.

As she looks upon the dead man, she regrets her refusal, and all of her old feelings for him burst like a dam, and she collapses in grief over the corpse, dead as a doornail herself.

And everyone, including the husband, understood that Salvestra TOO died of grief. They celebrate the legendary love by burying the deceased lovers together. Hubby goes along with this, which seems mad chill, but probably he was thanking his stars he was shed of his nutsy-cuckoo wife and her man baby friend.



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