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5.3 In which good things (eventually) happen to good people!

  • A gentleman of Rome, Pietro Boccamazza $$$ ❤️s beautiful Agnolella ¢¢¢
  • His family disapproves because to them $$$ > ❤️
  • Pietro and Agnolella take matters into their own hands, and run away together.
  • However, Pietro may be rich but he has no sense of direction. Before long, they are lost and wandering. They are set upon by the garrison of a castle they pass, whose soldiers believe Pietro is a member of a rival family.
  • Agnolella escapes deeper into the woods. Pietro is brought to the castle and is slated to hang. But before he is executed, the castle is stormed by the actual rival family. Mayhem ensues, during which Pietro makes good his escape. He searches for Agnolella in vain, and falls into despair, believing, reasonably, that she’s been devoured by beasts.
  • But not so. Agnolella finds refuge with an elderly couple, who tell her to hide in the hay of their barn, because they are regularly beset by thugs who would not treat her kindly. She does as they ask. Even so it’s a close call, as the thugs pierce the hay with spears, just in case anyone was hiding there. They are not diligent, thugs rarely are, so they leave without harming her.
  • The next day, the elderly couple walk with her to the castle of the Orsinis, a local family of note. Senora Orsini knows Agnolella, and is happy to shelter her. Pietro, who has spent the night in a tree, weeping for Agnolella, climbs down to see his horse has been devoured by wolves. He flees the woods, runs into some shepherds who guide him , MIRACOLO!, to the Orsini castle where he is reunited with Agnolella
  • Signora Orsini, hearing the tale, determines that a couple who survive hanging, thieves and beasts must be fated to be together. She arranges to provide Agnolella with a dowry, generous enough to quell the objections of the Boccamazza clan.
  • Pietro and Agnolella are wed and, since no more stories are told of them, we assume they live happy, uneventful lives.
  • ❤️ + $ > ❤️ +¢



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Dealing with reality on an as needed basis. Celebrating serendipity and seeking equilibrium. On a treasure hunt.