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6.4 You won’t have to ‘crane’ your neck to appreciate this one.

A wealthy nobleman by the name of Currado Gianfigliazzi was an avid hunter. One day, he kills a very succulent crane, which he brings home. He instructs his cook, Chichibio, to roast it that very night for supper. Chichibio sets about preparing the feast right away.

The delicious aroma of roasting crane brings lovely Brunetta to the kitchen. Chichibio can not refuse her anything, so when she requests a leg of the crane for her supper, he dutifully serves it to her.

Which is not fine with Currado, who is most aggravated with his cook.
“You lout, “ he says, “I will have you punished for this”

Chichibio, not wishing to be beaten, blurts out, that it is unjust! “Cranes only have one leg, you know that.”

“You idiot, “ says Currado, “We are going to the forest tomorrow, and if you can show me a one legged crane, I will forgive you. IF not, I will beat you twice.”

The next day, they set off. In the marsh, they come across a flock of cranes, all standing on one leg as they search for their own meals.

“See! I told you,” cries Chichibio. “ All on one leg.”

“GOOO! Shoo!! Get out” yells Currado at the top of his lungs. This, of course, scares the cranes, who put down their second legs and take to the sky.

“Prepare to be thrashed,” Currado says to Chichibio.

“I don’t think so,” says Chichibio. “Those cranes all had one leg until you yelled at them. I didn’t hear you do that last night.”

This supreme illogic causes Currado to burst out laughing. And as he figures a good laugh is worth the leg of a crane, Chichibio escapes his punishment.



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