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7.2 In which a husband takes a bath

Peronella, who is beautiful (of course) and charming (must I say it? I must, apparently) is married to a nice enough fellow who makes a living as a day laborer. Peronella works from home spinning wool.

Spinning doesn’t take up all her time for sure, so she also takes up with Giannello, a handsome gadabout with time on his hands. They dally in the daytime when the husband is out working.

One day, however, hubby arrives home early. He finds the door locked and approves, thinking his wife is protecting her virtue while he is out. (Which is true sort of, no?) Peronella hears the knocking and tells Gianello to hide in a wine barrel in the storage room

“What are you home already?” she scolds, “ And how are we supposed to eat when you shirk like this?”

“Sorry, sorry, but there is no work today,” says the put upon husband. “But no worries, I just sold the wine barrel. “

Peronella asks, “For how much?” Upon hearing the price, she laughs. I have a buyer for it, who will pay more than that. In fact he’s in there now, cleaning it out.”

Giannello plays along so convincingly that hubby agrees to wash out the barrel himself. The wife peers over the edge to direct his efforts, and Giannello avails himself of the opportunity to (ahem) direct his own efforts from behind.

The husband and the lover both finish up. Giannello bids them good day, leaving with both a good rub and a clean tub. 😈



The Decameron, as imagined by denizens of the Pamelapolis

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