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8.2 : In which a pun is made

Monna Belcolore (Mrs. Fine Color!) catches the eye of a local priest. She is married, but this presents no obstacle. The priest waits for an opportune moment- i.e. hubby goes out of town- and makes his case. Belcolore is intrigued but asks for a token of good faith- five pounds to get her Sunday clothes out of the pawn shop. The priest has no money on him, but declares he is good for it. He promises to leave his cloak as collateral. Belcolore is content with this, and they tryst.

Once back to his own place, the priest has a dilemma. He had no money to speak of and He REALLY liked that cloak. So he devises a ruse.

He sends a neighbor child to borrow a mortar and a pestle from Belecore under the pretext that he is preparing dinner for some parish guests.
He makes sure to return them himself when hubby is present.

“I return your mortar and pestle as promised. So now you can give me the cloak I left as collateral.”

Husband raises an eyebrow at this, but nothing more. Belcolore has no choice but to give back the cloak.

Exasperated she says to the priest as she sees him out, “That’s the last time you’ll ever ply pestle to my mortar.’’



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