3 tips to learn UI UX design from home.

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Choose a direction, and run!

First, you need to decide what exactly you’ll be studying. There are many roles to take on in this industry. UI (User Interface) design and UX (User Experience) design make up the two main categories. But, each one has many exciting fields of study that you can delve into as you begin to uncover what you’re really passionate about.

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It’s not always hard.

Design is a combination of hard and soft skills, and there are actually many aspects in the design process that won’t be directly related to your job title. Things like effective verbal and written communication, or business and technical know-how all contribute to making you a more effective designer. So for example, an online English Writing or Sociology course could be an effective way to round out your skillset.

Design is Objective

There are many criteria that can help us determine if a design is good, and it can be quite difficult to notice areas of improvement in our own designs at first. Therefore, it’s essential to socialise your work early on.

“Do not seek praise. Seek criticism.” –Paul Arden

You can easily find social media groups for designers that have moderately active communities, but quality feedback is usually hard to come by. Therefore, I highly recommend using a portion of your learning budget for a mentor on platforms such as Superpeer or hiring a designer in the field that you are pursuing that can offer you professional and tailored feedback on your projects or career journey.



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