Brainstorming for better designs

A group of designers brainstorming and sharing ideas.
A designer brainstorming and writing down ideas.

Individual Brainstorming

  • Put the problem statement at the top of everyone’s paper.
  • Provide people with some constraints, such as having them think of three different input methods or drawing at least two images.
  • Take enough breaks.
  • No erasers allowed. Keep those creative juices flowing.
  • Divide more complicated tasks into separate brainstorming sessions.
A team going over each person’s ideas.

Group Brainstorming

  • Be open to sharing any ideas, even the wild ones.
  • No criticism or evaluation of ideas.
  • Aim for quantity.
  • Build on each other’s ideas.
  • Stay focused on the problem.
  • Don’t explain any ideas yet.
  • Revisit the research findings often.
  • Encourage each other.

What’s next?



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Karl Reitzig

I’m a South African UX designer sharing my thoughts on digital design and tech.