Bringing entertainment to kids, Salvation Army saves the summer.

Photo taken from this video about Booth Family Emergency Shelter in Akron

As it does every year, summer break has crept up on us. Semi-sunny days are more apparent and flip flops have made their appearance. Kids have grown antsy and obsessed with the idea of no homework, as some parents are clueless about how to keep them busy for three months. The handfuls of papers they brought from school, explaining numerous day camp choices, were placed somewhere else to read when the time allowed. The only problem is, most parents forgot and are now scrambling to find sitters and reasonably priced programs. If you’re one of those parents, you’re in luck.

The Salvation Army of Summit County has redesigned its Summer Enrichment Program to please both kids and parents. Offering fun and adventure at its Maple Street location, they’ve started a day camp called Billy Booth’s Arts and Science Factory, which will provide STEM, music, arts and agriculture programs, along with weekly field trips.

Multiple organizations have teamed up to provide an exciting summer for the kids and are collaborating with Ashley Jones, the Learning Zone Director and Major Kevin Jackson, the Area Coordinator. Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music will provide music and literacy training, and Rubber City Shakespeare Company and Martell School of Dance will provide theater training. With their attained theater knowledge, the kids will later star in Disney’s “The Lion King Kids.” Too much entertainment and not enough education? No need to worry: the All-American Soap Box Derby will provide STEM programming for the little scientists and mathematicians in training for a balanced dose of fun and academics.

You’ve learned about the activities and training thus far and are probably making lunch arrangements in your head. Relax. Billy Booth’s Arts and Science Factory has everything covered with USDA-approved breakfast, lunch and snacks each day. The kids will even gain hands-on gardening experience in the hydroponic and urban garden to learn the importance of healthy eating.

The program is perfect for working parents of kids from Kindergarten to age 12. It will open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday, beginning June 12 until August 18. The initial cost of attendance varies, while discounts are offered for families with multiple children. Title XX is also accepted. Find more information on registration at, or contact Ashley Jones at (330) 434–7423. The Salvation Army of Summit County is located at 190 S Maple St in Akron.