Coping with My Fragility and Mortality

After an accident in my kitchen, I saw myself in a whole new light

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5 min readJun 12, 2024


Walking through a cemetery on my way to the doctor the morning after my accident. Photo by author.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024, 19:29

When I accidentally took off a chunk of my finger with a vegetable peeler, I did not realize at first how deep the wound was or how much it would bleed. I should have paid closer attention since the peeler was brand new and very sharp. The carrots I was peeling were small, which I think contributed to the bloody mistake.

I have been baking and cooking for decades. Of course I have cut myself, but fortunately, the cuts have never been that deep. I broke a bone in my hand once when I fell off my bike, but I have yet to need stitches for anything.

It was a Sunday night when this all happened and I know that in America, that is the worst time to go to the emergency room. My partner was ready to take me but I wanted to at least try to handle it at home first. I have had first-aid training several times due to a couple of jobs requiring it.

I used some paper towel sheets to try to stop the bleeding and I held my hand up above my head to slow it down. Thankfully, I had an ice pack in the freezer that I used to help cope with the pain that started to come intermittently.



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