DOUGLAS ALDEN is the Creator and Executive Producer of ESPN’s Real-Time Historical Fiction project: “1927: The Diary of Myles Thomas.”

As a television programmer, producer, writer and director, Douglas has won 3 Emmy Awards and received 12 Emmy nominations for his documentary and long-form feature work at ESPN, NBC Olympics, ABC Sports, and Classic Sports Network (now ESPN Classic).

Douglas’s writings on media, technology, digital trends, sports, race, journalism and theater have appeared in GQ Magazine, the New York Times and Fortune Magazine (under the name Douglas Alden Warshaw). Much of his work — print, video and radio — along with his musings about media theories and their practical applications, can be read at

STEVE WULF is a senior writer for and ESPN The Magazine. Before joining the company in 1997 as a founding editor of The Magazine, he wrote and edited for Sports Illustrated, Time and Entertainment Weekly. And before that, he tapped out stories on a manual typewriter about Muhammad Ali, Hank Aaron and Jack Nicklaus for various newspapers. He lives not far from Lou and Eleanor Gehrig’s former apartment in Larchmont, NY.

JOHN THORN is the Official Historian of Major League Baseball and author of Baseball in the Garden of Eden, among many other baseball books over the past forty-plus years. These include collaborations with sabermetrics pioneer Pete Palmer (Total Baseball and Hidden Game of Baseball). He maintains a baseball history blog, “Our Game,” and writes frequently on the early game. He has appeared in many baseball documentaries, most recently in Jackie Robinson on PBS (directed and produced by Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, and David McMahon). He created the scholarly journal Base Ball in 2007 and co-founded SABR’s 19th century baseball research committee in 1982.