Connected car as your credit card $$

Pay from your car directly

As you pull through the Starbucks drive-through, wouldn’t it be cool if you can pay by a simple push of a button in your car? And why just Starbucks, you can do that for any drive-through. And why only drive-through? You can also pay toll just as easily without even doing anything, as you had an E-ZPass. In fact any transaction you make while you are in your car, shouldn’t require you to reach out for your wallet. And think about the convenience if your car can pay for its own parking.

This is not a distant future. Connected cars are a reality. Most new cars are connected to internet and have a GSM ship which can communicate with the point of sale (POS) system. The POS can send the amount requested to the car, and all you would have to do it confirm and pay.

No more shifting uncomfortably for your wallet, or reaching to the purse in the back seat. Oh, and have you ever waited in line behind someone who has to count change worth $10 so they can pay the toll?

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