$300 Billion. That Should Scare the Hell Out of You.

Why a simple number can mean survival or destruction for the Free World.

In America, everything was geared towards hard work and effort to succeed. Now, we see our nation crippled by laziness and crime. What went wrong in the United States?

No one can put a date on it, but sometime a while back, people realized they didn’t have to work to make money. You see, our country gives out so much to those unemployed individuals for nothing, that they can live on their citizen status alone. It is estimated that over $300 billion goes to welfare programs in the annual federal budget and over 100 million people in the US receive benefits. Thats 1 in 3 Americans taking government handouts! What happened to a society of independency and drive to become successful? Voters took a path of socialism, and we’re paying for it — dearly. $16 trillion in debt later and America is left with a problem: Fix the budget or bankrupt our nation. Yet, there are a few ways to fix dependency, whether or not they would be voted for (or in reality work).

1. Cold Turkey: Screw Them Over

This strategy is one in which the government gathers data on who is abusing the welfare programs. (i.e. Owns an iPhone but is on food stamps) They, in turn, proceed to set an end date for their benefits and leave them on their own to find work and try to live. After all, if they don’t care about the nation why should the continue to bankrupt itself to keep them comfortable on the couch?


  • The cost of sustaining abusers is immediately eliminated.
  • Requirements for joining the welfare programs would be lowered, causing the likelihood of it happening again to be lowered as well.


  • You are leaving Americans feeling abandoned by their government.
  • Without jobs to meet demand, there would be a possibility of an increase in homeless and starving Americans.

Overall, this isn’t probably a working or even viable strategy for any government to take.

2. Ease Off the Drugs, Grandma

In this case, the governing body would have to simply set date increments for the abusers’ benefits to be cut down. This would continue to happen over a period of time until they would have little support left. Ways like these give time to adjust and look for work, while reducing spending at the same time.


  • Debt is constantly being reduced without massive cuts from other agencies.
  • Abusers receive less money.
  • Potential for riots or anti-government movements is lowered as people realize that dependency is truly a crime.


  • Some will still feel abandoned.
  • Many could find themselves hardly holding together a life with a minimum wage or entry-level job.

3. To Hell With America, Anarchy is Supreme!

This last one isn’t a strategy at all, but a reality check for what would happen if the government bankrupted or had to shutdown. The riots, chaos, and anarchy that would ensue would be devastating. Streets flooding, cars burning, the Free World would be ruined.


  • Total freedom is unleased.
  • Taxes are gone forever!


  • No law enforcement.
  • No first responders.
  • No teachers, school, education systems, etc.
  • Water and food would be scarce as people turn to violence as a means to live.
  • The Netflix and Youtube servers may experience interruptions for tyrants to broadcast propoganda.
  • Starbucks may become a gang meeting place.
  • See the previous con…

Though some of those statements may have been in humor, the point is still true: nothing good comes from sloth. Why else would it be a deadly sin of the Catholic faith and frowned upon in many more? Laziness only leads to devastation for the ones who pay for it. If anyone reading this is a freeloader, I plead to you — stop it. America needs good citizens like you to rise up and start businesses and become CEOs, not eat rice on your mom’s basement couch.

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