Proposing A MayHuliBa App

#ChangeIsComing in the Philippines according to President Rodrigo Duterte. Now, Filipinos could probably set-aside all the election related drama (and yes, make reparations and rekindle old friendships) more so, place all our eyes on the future progress of the country.

With the new regime, we could expect stricter regulations and a more empowered task force to uphold, recently implemented bills such as Senate Bill No. 3211, known as the Anti-Distracted Driving Act that targets to safeguard the public “from the ruinous and extremely injurious effects of vehicular accidents.”

Now, to compliment that change, would be the definite continuity of #MayHuliBa under the current administration of the previous Pres. Aquino. It is a website that enables motorists to check if they have committed a traffic violation under the agency’s no-contact apprehension policy. According to Rappler and other sources, the policy literally means what it is called; “motorists caught violating traffic rules through closed circuit television (CCTV) footage will be fined”. Furthermore, this policy eliminates all human contact; specifically, between theMMDA officer and motorist. Hence, eliminating extortion on the side of MMDA and bribery on the side of the motorist; making the law less malleable, forcing us Filipinos to become better law-abiding citizens.

An accessory to that policy was a great idea to launch a website to allow motorists to check if they have committed a traffic violation. To verify, motorists can type in their vehicle’s license plate number on the website, which is, The website’s database, will give the motorist of the specific violation, the time and place where it was committed, and the status of the official notice that they will receive from the MMDA.

However, If no violation has been recorded, the website will generate cutesy lines, such as “Wala…Parang yung chances mo ng promotion teh.” (None…Like the chances of you getting promoted). Hence, #MayHuliBa!

Convenient isn’t it?

However, since the larger goal is to promote road-wide safety and awareness for a probable-accident-free-Philippines-highway, not to mention a chunk-load of convenience when it comes to fixing different road-wide altercations. Perhaps, streamlining certain processes internally could be a solution to most of the Filipino’s road-wide concerns. Hence, what-better-way-to-do-it than intensify #MayHuliBa as a mobile app.

To the MMDA Council, and of course President Rodrigo Duterte, please include the following features for an updated website or better-yet an app:

Gamified road rules learning, motorist safety and awareness:

  1. Driver’s Profile (Log-in via FB)
  2. Lessons on Several Violations with Proper Sanctions (Gamified Learning); scores share-a-able to SNS
  3. Road Rules Handbook

Tracking and punishment via negative reinforcement:

  1. May Huli Ba? Push Notification to Registered Owner
  2. Explanation of Penalty and fine
  3. Incorporating MMDA’s wit in proper tonality (witty lines)

Renewal for both driver’s license and car registration:

  1. Submission of requirements for driver’s license and annual car registration
  2. Share-able to SNS

Road zero to Road Hero:

  1. Motorist UGC ala-Top Gear, if not partner with Top Gear
  2. Geo-tagging and prompt per territory

Well, those are my laundry-list of features. Comment on the below if you agree on creating an app for safer and better Philippine Highways!


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