Oct 2 · 1 min read

Week 1 — Beginning 21.10.2019

Reading: The Practical Order as Pivotal by Margaret S. Archer

Introduction by Mark Carrigan

Week 2 — Beginning 28.10.2019

Reading: Cognition in High Frequency Trading: The Costs of Consciousness and the Limits of Automation by Armin Beverungen and Ann-Christina Lange

Introduction by Milan Stürmer

Week 3 — Beginning 04.11.2019

Reading: Data Capitalism: Redefining the Logics of Surveillance and Privacy by Sarah Myers West

Introduction by Eleanor Lockley

Week 4 — Beginning 11.11.2019

Reading: The Attention Economy and the Net by Michael H. Goldhaber

Introduction by Ellen Santa Maria

Week 5 — Beginning 18.11.2019

Reading: (Re)framing Big Data: Activating Situated Knowledges and a Feminist Ethics of Care in Social Media Research by Mary Elizabeth Luka and Mélanie Millette

Introduction by Naomi Barnes

Week 6 — Beginning 25.11.2019

Reading: Digital transformation of social theory. A research Update by Steffen Roth

Introduction by Lars Clausen

Week 7 — Beginning 02.12.2019

Power, technology and the phenomenology of conventions: on being allergic to onions by Susan Leigh Star

Introduction by Murray Goulden

Week 8 — Beginning 09.12.2019

Reading: The Age of Disruption: Technology and Madness in Computational Capitalism (Exzerpts) by Bernard Stiegler

Introduction by Neal Thomas

Week 9 — Beginning 16.12.2019

Reading: Feelings without Feelers, or Affectivity as Environmental Force by Mark B. N. Hansen

Introduction by Christian Schwinghammer

The Digital Condition

A multilayered dialogue and anntoation project

    Milan Stürmer

    Written by

    Researcher @MedialeTeilhabe, Institute of Culture and Aesthetics of Digital Media (ICAM)@Leuphana_Uni looking at debt and technology for his PhD. Own views, duh

    The Digital Condition

    A multilayered dialogue and anntoation project

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