Senior Exit Interview: Anthony Campagna

Anthony Campagna, a Video Team Master, has been at the Corps longer than nearly all other students. Since being hired on during the Fall semester of 2014, Anthony has seen a lot of changes in the Corps and in himself.

The Journey to being Hired

Anthony had an unusual route to getting hired at the Corps. When he joined, there was no organized hiring process as there is now. He was working on a short film when he reached out to a friend, and Corps employee, Kyle Henderson for some help. After the video was finished, former Digital Corps Director Jonathan Huer reviewed Anthony’s work. Rather than praising Anthony, Huer heavily critiqued the video. Anthony left still not knowing what the Corps was. However, Anthony’s work must have been impressive because during the summer, Huer contacted Anthony again and offered him a job. And with that, Anthony became an employee with the Corps.

Coming Together as a Group

During his time with the Corps, Anthony has been thankful for the other video team members who are willing to give constructive criticism, provide new ideas, and offer different perspectives.

“One thing I really like about the Corps is everyone has this group mentality that we want to make each other better and we want to make each other’s work better.”

His favorite project exemplifies his tremendous respect for his coworkers. Having been placed in charge of the Ball State Field Trips cold open, Anthony came up with an idea, but, due to other projects, was unable to be present for the pre-production. So, he communicated his ideas to the rest of the team and they were able to make it happen as he had planned.

“I don’t know anywhere else on campus that that happens. Usually it’s a struggle to get stuff done for a group project for class, but these are people that I can trust. “

Becoming a Master

In his journey with the Corps, Anthony has become a Master on the Video Team. With this promotion came the chance to lead his coworkers. Along with leading, Anthony has learned how to better communicate with different groups of people in different situations.

“One thing I have learned as I have grown here at the Corps is…how to really speak to people and express what you need from them and also what you can do to help them.”

Into the Real World

During his senior year, Anthony has realized what he is working on is not as important as who he is working with. Therefore, after the Corps, Anthony plans to move to New York and continue to create and collaborate on video projects with a good friend.

Anthony Campagna, Lexy Madrid, Jacob Guenin and Eddie Metzger working the Ball State Field Trips live show at the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis, IN.

Famous Last Words

“I think what I would say to Corps students who still have a couple more years or any students in the future is to really get to know everyone and try new things. That is what school is for. School is for finding what you want to do. So, don’t be afraid to try new things and see what works for you.”

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