Senior Exit Interview: Billy Barry

Billy Barry didn’t want to have a job on campus just for the money. He wanted a better experience. So, he applied for a job at the Digital Corps in fall of 2015, and now feels like he’s learned a new skill from every project he’s been on. Billy’s time at the Corps has earned him money as well as knowledge.

Team influence

Billy said the people at the Corps really affected his time at work because they were more than just his coworkers. They were also his friends. One of his favorite memories at work is when his coworker, Jackson, brought in a dinosaur costume over the summer and walked around the office wearing it.

Along with being friendly, Billy described his coworkers as talented. He said because everyone is good at what they do, no one slacks off .

“Everyone’s doing such cool and awesome things, it makes you want to do cool and awesome things too,” Billy said.

Shaping the experience

Being on the User Experience Team as a telecommunications major, Billy has had a unique experience. He was one of the first members of the UX Team so he got to help design training and set a precedent for future team members.

Billy gains telecommunications experience by hosting BSU Tonight.

Though he didn’t learn as many video technologies as other telecommunications majors at the Corps, Billy has learned a lot about making the experience better, about how a project works, and about analytics. These are skills he can integrate into his future career.

What comes next

Billy doesn’t have any concrete plans for after graduation, but he would like to move close to home in Chicagoland.

“I’d like to have a job that pays me U.S. dollars, and like preferably enough to live and eat, but I’m setting my goals really really high,” Billy said.

He has thought about taking classes at Second City and trying out the standup circuit. Another possibility is filming a few TV pilots.

“You know, just work ridiculously hard and keep failing until I don’t,” Billy said about his future.

Parting advice

If Billy could impart anything on someone early on in their college career, it would be, “Get involved in as many experiences as you can.”

He wants people to know that they are going to learn skills in college, and are going to take classes in college, but what really makes college marketable is the experiences.

“Don’t make college your four years of slacking off and having fun,” Billy said. “Make college your four years of bettering yourself so that when you get out, you can have a lot of fun.”