Senior Exit Interview: David Jewell

Video Team Specialist David Sax Jewell has been working with the Digital Corps for three years now. The Corps has allowed David to work in group projects that are actually enjoyable.

“You’re working with people that want to be there, that are on your level or above, and most time it works really, really smoothly.”

There are a lot things that David believes he will be able to take into his future work from his time with the Corps — the smooth communication, professionalism, technology and constant learning just to name a few.

“The Digital Corps basically works as its own independent company, and a lot of the ways that we communicate at the Corps and work together and all the different concepts we use there, I want to carry into my own production business,” said David.

After graduation David plans to start his own business. He likes the idea of being in a position where he can make his own decisions and decide what type of products he creates. Soft skills each week have given David some “post-college real life training.”

“I am very, very, very, very thankful that I have found the Digital Corps and was able to work there,” said David, “The relationships that I built, the information and the knowledge, the experience that I have are definitely things that I really appreciate.”

David believes his college experience would have been entirely different if it wasn’t for the Corps. Although it felt stressful at times with Corps work and other side projects, he appreciates everything that he has been able to do.

If David could give some advice it would be to relax. His three years with the Corps went by fast and if he could go back now he would try to relax and enjoy it a little more.