Senior Exit Interview: Denise Blankenberger

Denise Blankenberger has been working with the Corps for a little over a year now as a Design Specialist. After being hired by the Digital Corps, Denise started to find out that this place was going to be more than just a job, but a place to find lifelong friends.

“We all got really close really quickly. We were all in it together and I started to feel more comfortable being at the Corps,” said Denise about her friendships with Mindy and Rachel Regan, “I got to fit in really well with these sort of people. So once that started to happen, I just knew it was a special place.”

As an Architecture major, Denise didn’t get a lot experience with web design and development in the classroom, but these are skills that she was able to gain in our office.

“It makes me way more marketable and it expands my skills significantly over people in the same level as me. If nothing else it’s another outlet for me to work in and it gives me a bit of edge over other people.”

Working on Allegre, a website for the student run restaurant on campus, was one of Denise’s favorite projects, because she got to get see it through from start to finish.

As for her future, Denise has been accepted to the University of Oregon for grad school.

“Eventually I want to open my own firm. We will see how that goes,” said Denise, “But long term I want to be doing disaster relief housing sort of projects and a lot of charitable work.”

Before Denise leaves this May, she has a little piece of advice for her fellow students and coworkers.

“It’s inevitable that you’re going to worry about things, but worry about things that matter. You can stress yourself out over everything and anything but if there’s something commendable about worrying about the right things. The things that you’re really passionate about you should be allowed to get stressed out about because you want to do really well. But don’t sweat the small stuff, just let it be.”

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