Senior Exit Interview: Jana Lowery

Jana Lowery was encouraged by her roommate, Sydney Patton, to apply to the Digital Corps. When she learned more about the office culture and the job itself, Jana was inspired to pursue the Corps as a job. “You’re actually getting to use your major and do projects that actually mean something and are interesting and I was really blown away by that and wanted to be a part of it,” Jana said.

Over the past year, Jana has been a part of some of the most influential projects of the Digital Corps. Ball State Field Trips was among these projects. Jana worked as a producer, editor, videographer and floor director over the summer of 2016 for Ball State Field Trips.

“I don’t think we really fully understood what we were getting into until we were in it at that point in time; it was so much, but it was really worth it,” Jana said.

Jana Lowery directs on set of the Ball State Field Trips live show.

Personal Projects

In addition to Field Trips, Jana continued to gain real-world experience through her projects with the Digital Corps. Being able to prove that she is proficient in different roles through the different jobs she has done with the Corps has been beneficial to Jana’s career development. Jana has been able to supplement this development with the addition of personal projects.

Throughout the summer, Jana worked with fellow Corps members to produce a short film. By working at the Corps, Jana and the other members of the project were able to form connections that lead to the best suited writers, directors, videographers, and producers for the short film. While they could have used resources outside the Digital Corps, the people they had met in the office were more than qualified for the jobs they had.

Aside from her work with the Corps, some of her most memorable experiences came from inside the office and personal projects. Jana remembers the entire Video Team syncing up their headphones to play Hamilton the Musical simultaneously.

“We all just went on this “musical journey” together and it was this stupidly-fun experience that made me love the musical as well as being a good bonding experience.”

When Jana traveled to Indianapolis to work as a floor director for the Ball State Field Trips Live Show, she and her coworkers stayed out late and bonded at The Escape Room, a puzzle solving adventure that requires teamwork to complete the goal.

“It was a great experience doing that together and it was a really good team bonding experience.”

Jana hopes that she has inspired her coworkers to get involved outside of the office.

“Not only on projects or other projects outside of the Corps like I did, but also to just go and hangout with them,” Jana said.

We’ll all miss hanging out with and getting to know Jana. We’re excited to see where her amazing work ethic and talent will take her in the world.