Dance — the key to happiness and friendship

And my latest love- Zumba

My first ever dance performance :D

Since I was a kid, I have been crazy about dancing. It has been the one thing that has given me joy in the purest form. It has been the cause of many happy memories. In school, dance gave me friends beyond my gang, who shared the mutual love for dance. I added many more to the list in college.

Dance takes me to a different world and gives me the liberty to forget everything for a while. My training in Bharatnatayam taught me to look at dance as something more than enjoyment. It taught me to experience the story and the emotion.

Every dance form has its own charm. And I love trying out new things, new dance forms. It was during my quest for more when I discovered Zumba. Zumba is not a dance form. But it’s more than that. It is about achieving your fitness while dancing to your heart’s content.

Zumba is my latest obsession. The joy it fills my heart with is immense. It’s a breath of fresh air after spending the complete day at a desk job. The day I miss Zumba, I feel there is some unused extra energy in my body that makes me restless.

But, the biggest reason why I love Zumba so much is that like any other dance form that I got attached to earlier, Zumba has brought me closer to more people. Being new to the city, I was yet to make new friends (making friends is harder as you grow older. But that’s a story for another day). Zumba has helped me find more people who enjoy and love dance as much as me. It has brought another chapter of happiness in my life.

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