5 Business Movies to Watch

Best business movies to watch.

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Movies can teach us lessons embedded in it. What YouTube do now Movies used to do then in late 90s. Business/Entrepreneurial movies can give us a substantial glimpse into the world of Busines. Teenagers should watch such content it’ll help them to build a mind about self-improvement, dedication, business world dark sides, choices etc. Thus, in a sense I want to share 5 business Movies you should watch now. Here, they are:–

(1) The Wolf of Wall Street(2013)

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Starring Leonard di Caprio and Margrot Robbie under the direction of Martin Sorceress The Wolf of Wall Street depicts the life of Jordan Belfort who from a Stockbroker to manipulating stock price of dozen of companies(For no spoiler less explanation). This movie is R-rated to take in concern. In 2013, this movie was a huge commercial success and 8.2 rated on IMDb. The movie is available on Google Play Movies and MX player (Free)

(2) The Founder(2016)

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The Founder is based on the journey of Ray Kroc in making Mc Donald’s a brand. Michael Keaton is starring a Ray Kroc and directed by John Lee Hancock. I think one should watch this movie to know the madness and dedication of Ray Kroc behind making the Mc Donald’s as a billion dollar company. Rated 7.8 on IMDb available on Amazon prime video and Netflix.

(3) The Social Network(2010)

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Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake under the direction of David Fincher the social networking is adapted from the book the Accidental Billionaire, presents to us the mind and journey of making the revolutionary app Facebook. IMDb rating 7.8 itself implies this to be binge worthy, available on Netflix.

(4) The pursuit of Happyness(2006)

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Will Smith starrer The pursuit of Happyness won’t be disappointing however, a motivational movie to watch on the go. Inspired by the life of the billionaire Chris Gardener who was a homeless father left by his wife, no job or work but an unpaid internship to pursue and his child custody to deal with. Free advice is to Keep your tissue box beside trust me you’ll need them to wipe tears, it’s seriously emotional at a point. IMDb has rated it 8 and available on Netflix, Amazon prime video, Vudu.

(5) The Big Short(2015)

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Talented actors packed movie The Big Short includes Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell and Brad Pitt directed by Adam McKay. In this movie a bunch of finance experts predicts the upcoming collapse of housing market of mid 2000s in USA. It’s a really insightful and interesting movie to watch, rated 7.8 on IMDb available on Netflix and Amazon prime video.

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