5 Ways to deal with recurring bouts of depression.

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I recognize this feeling; I’ve felt it before. This heavy weight that sits on my chest forcing me to take deep breaths. Because, if I don’t It’ll smother me.

This weight that pushes my shoulders down and my spirit to new lows.

I have dealt it a few blows in previous bouts. Here’s how.

  1. Acknowledge the black cloud and give it a name. Naming it gives you permission to deal with the darkness and ultimate victory in this round.

2. Speaking to someone about your feelings helps. An understanding ear makes a great difference to how you feel. It lightens the burden.

3. Write how you feel in a journal. Express your emotions in a diary or electronic medium. It will give instant relief. Like taking an antacid. Gets rid of the emotional bloating and indigestion.

4. Find a new hobby or start a fresh project. Very often when we are in a state of depression, we lose interest in life. The things that bring us joy, loses it shine. It’s now that you have to force yourself to try something new. A new hobby or activity, creates excitement and hope. Hope and Optimism chases negative emotions away, leaving you feeling much happier.

5. Stop the Negative Self-talk. I am often very hard on myself. Especially when things don’t go as planned. Self-doubt and anxiety fuel my low self-esteem. It supports the negative emotions. Pushing me further into a dark hole. With practise I have come to realise when this happen. And so, I shift tempo by putting on my sweatpants and some upbeat music. Then, I clean my house while I meditate on past wins, yet small. That feeling trigger a new sense of “I-cans” which helps me feel a whole lot better about life.

Taking control of your thoughts is vital in this emotional boxing match.




Keeping a Journal helps reduce stress, keep our memory sharp, gain self-confidence, and improve our mental health. Sharing our life stories and different experiences with others can provide some much-needed relief. Here we will share our stories with the world and provide

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Claudia Ef Mulder

Claudia Ef Mulder

I am a freelance writer, photographer, artist and a qualified bookkeeper.

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