Five Tips to Improve Your Reading Habits

In order to start reading more, one must become one with the book.

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Reading and writing is what I have always loved. It’s been my favorite activity since I was a child. It’s a place I have found most comforting.

As I’ve grown older, reading is still my favorite thing to do. However, as an adult, it can get difficult to make time to read.

Regardless, I can assure you that with each new year, I always consume new books.

If you want to get started on the path of reading more or improving your reading habits, I am here for you.

Change Your Perspective on Reading & Choose Widely

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One of the reasons why people don’t read more is because they have a bad perspective on reading.

For some, reading is a tedious activity. It takes you back to school days and feels as though it’s something you are forced to do and not what you want to do.

That’s where you get things wrong. Reading can be fun.

Understand what genre it is that you truly love. For me, I always get inspired by other people’s life stories. That means that I tend to dwell in the non-fiction realm. You could be different.

You could like stories that take you into worlds unfamiliar with day-to-day reality. You could be the type to dwell in fantasy.

Find what works for you and read a variety of books. As much as I love non-fiction and self-help, I try to branch out by taking recommendations from other people.

Also, as a Christian, I endeavor to make time for the Good News. I add my Bible to my reading list always.

Make Time Out of Your Day to Read

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We can want to do something and talk about it left and right. However, if you are not intentional about taking action, it will never happen.

You must make time out of your day to read.

During the weekends is when I enjoy reading my books. I’m currently finishing up “Beneath the Tamarind Tree,” by Isha Sesay.

I set out thirty minutes to an hour on a Saturday or Sunday to read a chapter or two.

To start reading more, simply make the time for it.

Sign Up for Email Newsletters

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Many people blame the digital era for the lack of good reading habits. I would argue that being digital has simply provided different means to read.

Another way to improve your reading habit is to sign up for an email newsletter. It could be from news sites or lifestyle blogs.

Depending on where your interest lies, you should consume that type of content online.

Avoid Distractions that Interrupt Your Focus

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One of the reasons why some might not have time to read is due to distractions. There are distractions all around us.

There are things happening in the world 24/7 and we are often bombarded by information through social media.

Social media can be a fun and entertaining place to dwell. Yet, it can also be a big distraction because it pulls away from your focus.

To not be distracted by social media, control your notifications. You don’t need to receive notifications from every app, every second. Put a mute on the apps and you will find you have more time.

Also, to avoid distractions from people, you should make time for solitude. Reading is mainly a solitary activity.

If you are not intentional about making time out for yourself, you will not have the time to read.

Surround Yourself with Readers to Read More

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Though reading is a solitary activity, you can get encouraged to read more when you are surrounded by other readers.

Go to a library and connect with fellow readers or join a book club. If you are the type that needs to be held accountable, then being in a community of readers will entice you to keep up with your reading goals.

Final Thoughts

Reading has and will always be my favorite place to dwell. If you want to read more, it will require intentionality. Intentionality is needed for everything in life and reading is no different.

To read more means that you will create the space and time to read. To read more means that you will see reading as an activity that is meant to be enjoyed.

To read more means that you will be one with the book. Go ahead and get reading.




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