The Obituary I never gave.

A letter to my mum.

Photo by sue hughes on Unsplash

Dear Mum,

More than a year has passed since you drew your last breath, alone in your bed in the old people’s home. The one place you never wanted to end up. I promised in my head I would never let it happen. But there you were, it was taken our of your hands and mine. I am so sorry. Your last months tormented by a routine foreign to you, missing the trees, the wind in…



Keeping a Journal helps reduce stress, keep our memory sharp, gain self-confidence, and improve our mental health. Sharing our life stories and different experiences with others can provide some much-needed relief. Here we will share our stories with the world and provide

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Trudi Bishop

Trudi Bishop


Kiwi by birth but not always by nature. Spent most of my adult life in the UK. I’ve landed back in NZ, a stranger in a familiar land. Trying to figure this out.