Time to Improve

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I am not what I should be, but that doesn't hurt me.
Many times, people confuse accepting oneself with throwing themselves into pain and doing nothing to improve oneself, but there is nothing further from the truth.
Life is an eternal learning path, and we can never say that we have learned all that we will need.
I, like everyone else, have several regrets, things that I regret not having done or said in time, but I don’t let those ghosts stop me.




Keeping a Journal helps reduce stress, keep our memory sharp, gain self-confidence, and improve our mental health. Sharing our life stories and different experiences with others can provide some much-needed relief. Here we will share our stories with the world and provide

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Patricia Pixie❤

Patricia Pixie❤

Billingual writer/music lover/tarot reader/Interested in the mysteries of the human mind misspatypixie@outlook.com

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