Why Do We Mistrust Ourselves?

Why is so hard for some of us to trust in ourselves?

Photo by Vicky Hladynets on Unsplash

Why do we mistrust ourselves so much?
In theory, we’re supposed to be our best friends. However, many times, we are the first person we are afraid of. We trust anyone who crosses our path, but we always put great doubts in our own abilities. Why do we always try to find what we want in other people, but ignore what we ourselves are and what we are worth? It…




Keeping a Journal helps reduce stress, keep our memory sharp, gain self-confidence, and improve our mental health. Sharing our life stories and different experiences with others can provide some much-needed relief. Here we will share our stories with the world and provide

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Patricia Pixie❤

Patricia Pixie❤

Billingual writer/music lover/tarot reader/Interested in the mysteries of the human mind misspatypixie@outlook.com

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