2016 Digital Survival Kit, Pt 2.

John McDonnell thinks Brexit will be a golden opportunity (presumably because it will be so bad the Revolution will come), Trump appointed Bannon, New Zealand got hit by a monster quake and Gwen Ifill died. It’s not even December yet.


We’re all feeling a bit beaten down.

But then you remember the world has people like Hideaki Akaiwa in it. He’s like the Boba Fett of not being Boba Fett. Always be yourself – unless you can be Hideaki Akaiwa. Then always be Hideaki Akaiwa.

And you know what else this year is? It’s the 80th anniversary of Cable Street.

Yeah, Oswald, you better run.

And sometimes, when you are feeling a bit beaten down, that’s when your undeniably attractive friend with a sword comes to rescue you. Again.

And again.

And then, of course, you’re reminded that America may be in a weird place, but wow: they do have some depth on the bench.

And of course, there’s my newest hero: the Luxembourg MEP Charles Goerens.

Sing it loud.