3 Ways Entrepreneurs Of Color Can Uplift Their Spirits For The Holidays

Coming off of a tumultuous political year, particularly for black and brown persons in America, indulging in capitalistic holidays can be a bit of a challenge. While we all would love to keep our money in our pockets and give an F*U* to the system, the truth is that it’s hard to curtail our billion dollar spending habit when there’s so many goodies to choose from.

One way to at least make yourself feel better about all the money you’re about to spend is to assure that your purchases are investments, your money is going into the right hands (i.e. not anti-Black corporations), and that your good deeds are taxable.

Here are three ways entrepreneurs of color can benefit from the holiday sales.


Investing in your own dream is already a full-time job. As an entrepreneur, whatever your field of passion, the first few years are always the most critical and crucial. For most, money is the driving factor in the size of the baby steps you’re poised to take. Investing isn’t only in reference to money and profit, though— mental, emotional, and physical investments are just as important.

For this holiday season, explore some often-overlooked investments for yourself and your friends. There are Black and Brown-centered retreats like Yoga Retreat for Women of Color, Happy Black Woman, and Women of Color Healing Retreats. There are a long list of others that range from a week of silence to a week of empowerment and networking — it’s all about what you need.

For others, some time away from America, or just your familiar city may be the trick you need to refresh, reassess, and energize for the start to 2018 and there will be plenty of opportunities on the table.

From Delta to United to American Airlines (and many, many more) sales will reportedly be dropping from 20–70% depending on location and length of travel. Of course, traveling sales are a bit more tricky because there is a preferred list of dates available with the most sales to gain.

You could also take the time to think long-term. Instead of indulging is something you want but don’t necessarily need, consider investing in stocks and bonds, or even the bitcoin sensation. Think outside of the box!


Don’t forget about the little man! Particularly for black and brown consumers, if we want to intentionally circulate the money back into our neighborhoods, we need to pay attention to who we’re giving our money. With the ever-growing world of cyber boutiques — no, not Fashion Nova but plenty others like it — there is affordable, fun, cute and sexy attire available online. From pro-Black retailers such as Very Black with their tees and tote bags, to Debra Cartwright with her original art and illustrations, down to Le Enchenteur with their high-end clothes and jewelry, there is a world of authors, artists, hair retailers, skin care producers, and on and on and on. Small Business Saturday is a must! Take some time to float around Instagram and Twitter, ask friends and family about their favorites that you could support and I promise you — the list is endless. You just have to put it in a little work. But it’s your money. It’s worth it!


With so many political upsets over the past year, there are plenty of ways to give back or lean your support for the future. From the economic crisis in Puerto Rico from lack of water to only having 50% power restored across the territory, many are still in need of monetary, edible, and clothing goods.

Judicially, you could lend your support financially and/or vocally to incredibly life-debilitating court cases such as that of sex traffic victims like Cyntoia Brown, families battling deportation under DACA, Haitian workers facing relocation in 2019, disproportionately unfair drug laws against Black and Brown communities, and the list is quite honestly endless at this point.

You also run the option of donating time to as a mentor, to the homeless, to the hungry, to the sick, or to broken families. Use your creativity to expand your know-how of what’s possible for the holidays!