We encourage School of Foreign Service graduate students and alumni, especially ISD student fellows and those enrolled in the Certificate in Diplomatic Studies, to submit pitches to under the subject line “Blog Submission.”

Submission guidelines:

1. Analyze a specific problem in international affairs and recommend solutions for diplomats and policymakers. Note that we will publish posts on issues related to subnational, bilateral, and multilateral diplomacy.

2. Limit your draft submission to 1000–1200 words.

3. Provide a 1–2 sentence bio that highlights how the piece relates to your academic research and/or field of interest.

4. Embed hyperlinks in the body of the piece to cite your sources, and do not use endnotes.

5. Submit a free-to-use image to feature with your work.

For other style matters, please consult the Chicago Manual of Style. In certain cases, ISD deviates from Chicago style and follows elements of the War on the Rocks style guide. Please contact the blog editors on with any questions.

If your submission does not receive a response within five business days, please assume it has not been selected for publication on this occasion.

All pieces on The Diplomatic Pouch are copyright of the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy/Georgetown University. If you would like to reproduce or translate an article, please contact the editors for permission.

(Image: Nick Morrison on Unsplash)



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