What Anything From Anywhere Looks Like

In 2015 Postmates delivered from over 100,000 individual merchants. On a monthly basis we do at least one delivery from over 50,000 merchants. Choice clearly matters to our customers. Not only do we have a group of super popular merchants that account for 60% of the delivery volume but we also see that 40% of our volume comes from around 51,000 different merchants every month. Our merchant distribution looks a lot like that of music, movies or books.

Distribution of $40 million in local monthly commerce on the Postmates platform:

Unlimited choice is what we had in mind when we launched Postmates five years ago. The diversity in selection and our ability to make on-demand deliveries happen from anywhere is the difference between being a convenience or luxury and being a utility. Over 90% of these merchants had never done a delivery before Postmates!

As we scale the business and expand into more cities we face tremendous growing pains. This is why we continue to invest heavily in our merchant data and its accuracy. If you’re interested in solving difficult problems around merchant data, come work with us!

Here is a list of our core values.

My email is: bastian@postmates.com