How An Indie Record Executive Turned His Side Hustle Into His Day Job

Joe Coad II
Jul 17, 2019 · 5 min read

It takes hard work & years to pull it off. However, it’s possible to make your side hustle your day job.

(Photo credit: Vince Valholla Instagram)

Last year I left social media for a while. When I say “left” I really mean that I deleted my accounts and started new ones after a couple of months.

Upon my return, it felt like I only saw people who wanted to tell me “how to quit your day job to follow your dreams.”

I bit on some of those pieces of content only to find they were smoke and mirrors.

What I discovered is people don’t REALLY talk about their struggles and come up. They make it seem like they quit their job one day and the next they were running their own company and making loads of money.

There’s an episode of South Park where the main characters are being told how underpants gnomes make money from stealing people’s underpants.

Phase 1 is to steal underpants.

Phase 2 has a question mark.

Phase 3 is profit.

The so-called “entrepreneurs” you see telling you to quit your job to follow your dream are just underpants gnomes. I say that because they’re only trying to sell you something, usually a course or an ebook on “how to start making 6 figures in your first year of business!”

Turn Your Side Hustle Into Your Day Job is a series I’ve wanted to start for a few months. I have internet friends who have done amazing work over the years and I noticed that they’ve never once sold this pipe dream of “I did it, and so can you” to anyone. They’ve done it through hard work, sweat, tears, and dedication.

My first subject for this series is Vince Valholla. Vince is the CEO and Chairman of Valholla Entertainment Inc. Valholla is an independent record label that Vince created in 2005.

His years of dedication have paid off as one of his artists, Kirby Maurier, was the recipient of the 2016 GRAMMY Amplifier Award, not to mention producer trio The Track Burnaz has produced for the likes of Future and Jason Derulo.

Vince was always going to go down this path in the entertainment industry. Before the creation of Valholla in 2005, he was already learning the business side of the music industry. However, like most high school kids, Vince wasn’t wealthy enough to start on his dream full-time.

While Valholla was the main thought, Vince worked at Subway in high school and had various other corporate sales jobs with AT&T and Comcast.

“One thing people have to know is, its nothing wrong with having a job while chasing your dreams. You have to have money coming in and if you can find a side hustle to do that, then you should find something you’re good at and get a job doing that”, he said.

Vince didn’t have to work those jobs for long. In 2008 he created a marketing and consulting company named Bleu Odin, a subsidiary of Valholla Entertainment.

“I started it because I had business owners contact me wanting my assistance with marketing so I decided to offer that as a service. That helped me use something I was good at as a way to make money. I learned a lot of new things along the way as well.”

(Photo credit: Vince Valholla Instagram)

I’ve noticed a lot of people, including myself, try to take the easy way out and jump straight to success. There are ZERO shortcuts when it comes to finding success.

You just have to put in the work, day after day. Even when people aren’t watching and applauding you. What made me want to speak with Vince about his journey started by seeing this tweet:

When I asked him what he meant by this, he elaborated and told the honest truth about why the music industry looks the way it does today.

“There are many artists that get into music because it looks good on the outside. For a guy, they may do it for attention and others may think of it as a money grab. These people don’t last because their goals are finite and not infinite.”

“So put it like this. Ask an artist what their goals are. Many might not even give you a clear answer. Some might say they want to be the ‘hottest artist in the game.’ Guess what, that’s a finite goal because no one is the biggest artist in the game forever. Jay Z, to me, is the best artist to ever do it in Hip Hop but he’s not the hottest artist in the game right now… (Drake is LOL).”

“But making clear goals is key to playing the long game and also knowing when it’s time to make new goals. I’ll be in the music business for the rest of my life, God willin’. I’m patient and I’ll continue to reinvent myself.”

Valholla Entertainment is going down the right path through the leadership of its CEO and Chairman. Vince is playing the long game and wants Valholla to be mentioned as one of the best music labels ever.

That journey is almost 15 years in the making and it looks like things are going to pick up steam in 2019. Valholla Entertainment will be releasing some ambitious projects from their whole team this year according to Vince.

“We’re also doing some great things with technology and music that I can’t wait to share. We’re all about growth this year. We’re going to have fun 2019.”

Update 3/12/19: The aforementioned Kirby Maurier just released her new single “Key$” today. You can stream it below or click here to find it on the streaming service of your choice.

“Key$” by Kirby Maurier on AudioMack

The DIY Artist

Marketing Advice for the Artist & Creator On A Budget

Joe Coad II

Written by

#BlackLivesMatter | Introvert (INTJ) writing about life, music, movies, and the future of work

The DIY Artist

Providing resources to help the indie artist & creator advance their career with little to no budget

Joe Coad II

Written by

#BlackLivesMatter | Introvert (INTJ) writing about life, music, movies, and the future of work

The DIY Artist

Providing resources to help the indie artist & creator advance their career with little to no budget

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