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Coming Atcha Live!

Expanding this conversation to the moving image

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Subscribers, thank you for sticking with me through a bit of a prolonged silence. I was a super busy girl through this past spring, working on some very meaningful projects for some of my media and PR clients. (I’ll include some links at the end of this quick note, just in case you’re interested in seeing what I do when I’m not here on Medium, unloading about one subject or another.)

I greet you today with some fairly big news, because it’s been a LONG time in the making.

Some of you who have commented on my DNA Journey stories have expressed your frustrations about the learning curve involved in doing your own research. I have heard you, and felt your pain. I too am deeply frustrated by not having answers, but also by the roadblocks you encounter when you get results or document hints and have NO clue what to do with it all. It can be terribly overwhelming, and I am committing to help you unburden yourselves from the feelings before you dig in deeper.

Beginning in August, I am launching a video series on my SoulSanctuaryInc YouTube channel titled Blood At The Roots. Not trying to be morbid, but it’s those blood ties and truths that we are all trying to unravel or unearth from their hidden pasts. And, in my opinion, it is that ancestral blood that calls to us from beyond the pale.

I’ve posted a trailer for the series here, with more to come soon.

I will do my best to cross-post here to Medium whenever I post a new episode of the video series, but I also hope that you will subscribe to the channel so you can get a notification directly from the source.

So please join me on this leg of the DNA Journey, and post your questions in the video comments so I can answer them in a future episode.


As for my other client projects, check out either of these two videos, created via a partnership between the nonprofit First Person Arts and the City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health’s Engaging Males of Color Initiative. (I also produced a limited series podcast for them that launched in February that I talk about here.) In a totally different light, I’m also doing some PR for the Wilmington Kitchen Collective, uniting the faith and business communities in support of up-and-coming food entrepreneurs.

And this happened this week…

Being recognized for keeping the torch lit for arts and culture in Philadelphia, even during a pandemic, is a source of pride. This new video series is my latest project to brighten the flame of that torch even more.

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for watching!



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