The Malthusian Trap

Is the world over-populated and what might be the solutions?

Photo by Yogendra Singh from Pexels

Are you getting irritated at all the conspicuous consumption that surrounds us, all the cheap goods that are being produced and marketed, all the pointless paraphernalia of modern society? All this when a great part of the world is starving or thirsty?




A home port for those who are multi-genrelational (sic) in their writing, lifestyles and thinking. Itinerants, hobos and sailors are welcome, but don’t expect food, drink or money. And don’t expect many views either — after all, you’re off course, of course. Tie up here!

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James Marinero

James Marinero

Follow me for a varied Top Writer diet: true stories, humor, tech, AI, travel, geopolitics and small business tips as I write around the world on my old boat.

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