Today I Got My Life Back 1/2

I dumped Windows 10

Photo: Linux Mint with Cinnamon Credit/License: Wikimedia Commons

The frustration has been building for a few years. I’ve slowly been losing control of my technology as Windows 10 has increasingly eaten into my productive time.

I live on a boat and a lot of my writing work is done in out of the way places where there is no internet connection, no mains power grid and a lot of my energy comes through solar panels. I’ve worked on my…




A home port for those who are multi-genrelational (sic) in their writing, lifestyles and thinking. Itinerants, hobos and sailors are welcome, but don’t expect food, drink or money. And don’t expect many views either — after all, you’re off course, of course. Tie up here!

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James Marinero

James Marinero

Follow me for a varied Top Writer diet: true stories, humor, tech, AI, travel, geopolitics and small business tips as I write around the world on my old boat.

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