Letter From The Founder

“Since I qualified as a doctor in 1975, I have always worked for the poor and needy. I have worked with a number of NGOs, and the one closest to my heart dealt with cancer. Seeing the suffering of cancer, and frequent deaths, made me realise the futility of materialism in today’s world.

In the 10 years I spent with Pathfinder International, a Bill Gates funded HIV project, I worked amongst commercial sex workers and MSMs, many affected by HIV, who suffer not just poverty, but also social stigma and discrimination, abuse and violence. I saw the “under-belly” of life, the lives that lurk in the shadows, ostracized by society. I have also served women in jail. They were grateful, not so much for the medical care I provided, as the fact that I touched them, examined them, listened to them, and treated them as normal human beings.

In recent times, as I age myself, and as I watched my mother struggle to find the strength to live by herself after having been the centre of a family, I have become increasingly conscious of the double burden of deteriorating health and loneliness that the aged bear.

The Doctor Foundation is an initiative inspired by my father, an upright and disciplined military doctor who was committed to the highest standards of medical care and commitment to public service. I hope to continue his legacy through the Foundation, and to bring together under it a group of ethical and committed professionals, motivated by compassion, kindness and diligence.”

Dr Khurshid Bhalla
Founder & Managing Trustee