Our Mission Statement

The Doctor Foundation focuses on providing affordable medical services and home care for the aged. TDF aims to work with the most vulnerable amongst the population, senior citizens, those marginalized because of poverty, disability, prejudice, discrimination — or simply the absence of someone to care for them. These are the people who slip through the gaps in the organised healthcare sector.

TDF will help them by providing general examinations and routine healthcare at its centre located in the heart of Pune. The polyclinic provides affordable consultations with various specialities. Home visits will include supervision of their medication, general hygiene and nutrition, free transport to hospitals and institutions in the city, as well as concessional consultations with super specialists.

Trained caregivers are an important part of healthcare for the aged, so the Foundation will partner with nursing schools and bureaus to build a directory of trained nurses, ANMs, physiotherapists and personal assistants to whom patients can be referred.

In the few months since TDF has begun its work, it has established a presence amongst the low-income communities of Bhawani Path in central Pune, particularly women. The Doctor Foundation hopes to extend its work to other parts of Pune and beyond, in order to make a significant and positive impact on the lives of the marginalised.