Learning to Document Your First API? There’s a Slack for That…

Learning to write API documentation for the first time is hard. I know because I am in the process of doing it! It requires shifts in thinking (Docs As Code, HTTP protocols, the command line, Git), and learning a few new languages (e.g., Markdown, a programming language like JavaScript, and JSON or XML).

If you are a developer, this might be a little easier, but there is still plenty to learn, especially when it comes to being a good writer and creating a good developer experience.

This is why I am creating a new Slack to make this learning experience more social and more fun for beginners:

Learn to Document Your first API:


About this Slack

The Slack workspace will be centered around IdRatherBeWriting’s free online course: https://idratherbewriting.com/learnapidoc/ because all its materials are free and easy to reference online.

(However, keep in mind, I and the community will help anyone learning from any learning resource.)

Who are you?

Hi, I’m KC, and I am studying API documentation, developer and user experience, and technical writing in grad school.

As the moderator, I will attempt to answer any and all (unanswered) questions myself, and if I cannot answer your question, I will direct you to someone or some resource that can.

Don’t have any questions yet? That’s fine. Feel free to join to introduce yourself, and see where it goes from there.

Why am I doing this?

While it’s true that Write the Docs already has a supportive Slack workspace that is great for networking and asking questions, it can be overwhelming for new students of API documentation. I wanted to create a space that was less intimidating, less crowded, and more focused on introducing technical topics in non-technical terms to new students of the topic.

I am also interning at IdRatherBeWriting working to create material for their API doc course, and this Slack will help me get insight into what people want to learn. (Note: The contents of this Slack workspace are my own and are not connected with IdRatherBeWriting.)

Who should join?

  • People teaching themselves API documentation
  • Developers who want to get better at writing documentation
  • Experienced “documentarians” that want to lend a helping hand

Can’t wait to see you there!

That link one more time:

Learn to Document Your first API:


The Documentarian Planetarium

News articles and blog posts about the universe of writing developer documentation….

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The Documentarian Planetarium

News articles and blog posts about the universe of writing developer documentation….

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