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The Dog Blog


I live with my girlfriend Dory and our two dogs Asterix and Obelix (2 years old yorkshire terriers). I watched the Dog Whisperer recently and every time they showed some problem dog I was like “yeah, Asterix does this” or “yup, Obelix is just like that”. So I realized I’m a pretty bad dog owner and I’m now determined to become the next dog whisperer. So this blog will be about understanding dog psychology, taking proper care of the dogs and making sure everyone is happy (even the neighbors).

The problem

Before getting the yorkies I had no idea what it’s like to take care for a dog. And it turns out it’s a big responsibility — you have to take them for walks at least two times a day, groom them, brush their teeth, take them to the vet, train them, socialize with other dogs, etc. So far I’ve failed miserably in most of those aspects. The main reason for taking two dogs and not just one is that they would be playing with each other all the time and especially when left alone. But nobody told me that every single bad habit that one of the dogs exhibits the other will take on right away (e.g. Obelix starts barking and a couple of days later both are barking all day). So here are some of the problems that need solving:

  • over-excitement
  • barking
  • dogs destroying the furniture
  • separation anxiety
  • dogs digging through the walls
  • scared from other dogs, stairs, shafts…
  • too “aggressive” to other dogs
  • fighting between each other (like suddenly trying to kill each other)

The solution

I’m going to read up on dog psychology and start applying my new knowledge. In the beginning the most important thing is to build a strict routine for the dogs and stick to it. That’s where this blog comes to help, I’ll post here weekly with status updates. More important topics will be in separate articles and I’ll try to insert interesting stories and more about the dogs in the updates. If you love a good story, love dogs or just want to see some dog pics, then follow me on this journey to becoming the next dog whisperer.